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GLAD........Life is Beautiful.... However....

Talked with her tonight. I am so glad that we talked about other things for quite some time. Ya...
We are going to be good friends. I think I am somewhat attracted to this honest, considerate, patient,
and pretty Gal. However, the problem is that...... I don't know if I shall change something I believed in for
so many years. And also there is some other problem. Why would I ? Sigh......

  posted by Bob @ 1:03 AM

Saturday, February 08, 2003  

So Nice to No a new Friend today. We talked with each other for a long time. He is from a Columbia in South America. Yi....
I think We Could Be good Friend if we have more chance to meet. So glad to know a person of a quite different country.

  posted by Bob @ 12:57 AM

Ya..... Cool Site

  posted by Bob @ 5:00 PM

Friday, February 07, 2003  

Had heard of Blog b4. New at this. Try to see if it is interesting laaaa. :-)

  posted by Bob @ 4:28 PM

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